Coantec C40 series – Ultra HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope

5 inch high-definition LED display, with realistic and true delicate image. The image resolution supports QHD, HD, Full HD (optional), up to 960*720, restoring the real details.

Key Features:

  • HD Image Quality
  • Superior Features
  • Easy Operation
  • Light & Handy
  • Waterproof
  • Double Tungsten Alloy Braided Insert Tube of 4 Layers
  • Intelligent Navigation Menu
  • Data Storage With SD Card (32 GB)
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Product Description


The C40 series is a 360° all-way articulation industrial videoscope independently developed and produced by Coantec. This product uses a 3.5-inch HD display, an ultra-high-definition camera,waterproof and dust-proof level of inserted tube up to IP67,and customized oil proof tube, which is suitable for more severe environment.

Users can replace the insertion tubes with different diameters and lengths independently, realizing multi-purpose of one machine and saving cost effectively.The whole machine adopts integrated design, which is lighter and portable, and can be used in aviation, energy and electric power, mechanical casting, automobile manufacturing, special inspection and other fields. It can detect surface defects inside various equipments or the inner cavity of parts.

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HD – High Quality Image

It is designed and engineered to obtain high definition image quality with true image display. Quick start with white balance function and HD image display elaborates every minute inspection details.

User-friendly insertion tube exchange

One host can be equipped with tubes with different diameters(2-6mm),lengths,depth of field,in order to satisfy the demands in different inspection applications.

Customized Services
We provide more customized services,we can add the functions according to your request:

  • Tube length, diameter and lighting mode can be customized
  • Can add scale ruler on the tube
  • Software function customization
  • Customized replaceable forward view and side view camera
  • Foreign matter clamping set
  • WiFi module and recording module can be customized

For more customized solutions, please contact us.

Precise & High Articulation

The unique joystick gives all together a different experience for probe articulation and precisely delivers its requirement. The joystick has multifunction features with 360 Degree all way articulation, 4 way articulation, high bending angle and most importantly stepped speed control articulation moment required for various critical inspection.

Video Borescope (HD Remote Visual Inspection)

Powerful Software Functions


Application Fields

It can be widely used in aerospace, special inspection industry, energy and power, automotive aftermarket,automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding,rail
transit,petrochemical industry,food and drug machinery,mold casting,mechanical processing,construction engineering,police safety, military equipment,testing of municipal pipelines,university research institutes and many other fields.

Diameter of Probe
4.8mm / 6mm / 8mm
Probe Housing
Titanium alloy
Pixel Count
1,000,000 pixels
Depth of View
Standard: 7mm‐80mm, Optional 10‐100mm / 70mm‐150mm / 5mm-Infinity / Customizable
Angel of Field
Standard: 120°, Optional: 70°/100°
Viewing Direction
Standard: Straight view, Optional: Side view, interchangeable tip with 0° & 90°
Light Type
White LED
100,000lx at a maximum
Adjustable: 7 Level
White Balance
Auto white balance
Bending Control
360° all way motor‐driven control
Bending Angle
≥160° ± 10°
Insert Tube Length
Available: 1.5 metre to 7 metre, Customized & Made to Order for Length Beyond 7 metre
Insertion Tube
Double Tungsten alloy braided insert tube of 4 layers. Wear Resistant.
English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian Optional: Other Language
5 inches TFT LCD
Image / Video Recording File Format
Standard SD card: 8GB, Maximum: 32GB
Data Interface
External display: HDMI high definition output
Bending Lock
By One‐key
Articulation Control
Step Regulation: High‐speed and low‐speed bending
Lighting (Work Area)
External lighting for Dark environment area work
System Weight
1.35 Kg
Working Time
Works more than 4 hours with one set (3 Nos.) of batteries
Lithium Ion batteries: 3200mAh
System Operating Temperature
‐20°C ~ 62°C (Below 0°C preheating to display is required)
Camera Operating Temperature
‐25°C ~ 100°C (Below 0°C reduce articulation operation)
Store Temperature
‐20°C ~ 60°C
Relative Humidity Maximum
80%, Non‐Condensing


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