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Bringing you the No1 Virtual Aviation Academy offering over 200 EASA, FAA and other leading Aviation Authorities, Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Courses. Delivered as Diploma Programs, Packages, as well as individual online training courses. Tailwind Virtual Aviation Academy is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services.

Initially Stating with EASA Regulations today Sofema Aviation Services delivers Regulatory Training to cover the following jurisdictions

  • European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA
  • Federal Aviation Administration – FAA
  • United Arab Emirates – UAE – GCAA
  • Saudi Arabia – GACA
  • Bahrain -CAA
  • Overseas Territories Aviation Regulations – OTAR

Regulatory Authorities have never refused a SAS certificate and in fact we have delivered a number of training courses specifically for several regulatory authorities.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked concerns the relationship between EASA Regulatory Training and 147 approval, simply because the person asking the question misunderstands the role of 147 approval.

Please note – EASA Part 147 is NOT in any way a generic training approval it is only for providing BASIC and TYPE training to PART 66 Licensed aircraft engineers and for no other purpose.

SAS receives its regulatory training approval from the receiving organisations based on a range of acceptance criteria including the continuous demonstration of effective delivery.


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