ARDROX 1900B (200L) – Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Ardrox 1900-B is a thickened, heavy-duty alkaline product formulated to clean the exteriors and interiors of aircraft and ground handling equipment. It is applied as supplied if required or diluted with up to 20 parts water for more gentle cleaning.








Product Description


It clings to the surface and rapidly wets out the soil and can be used for wet or dry washing. A blend of alkalis, water soluble solvents, and wetting agents, Ardrox 1900-B has a pleasant lemon odour. It does not contain petroleum solvents or phosphates. Ardrox 1900-B rinses off easily and completely, leaving a streak-free, spot-free surface.

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  • Aircraft Exterior Washing – Wet Washing
    Mix 1 part Ardrox 1900-B with 5 parts water. Spray or mop on. Scrub with brushes, pads or
    mops, if necessary. Rinse with water.
  • Aircraft Exterior Cleaner, Wipe-On, Wipe-Off, Water Miscible
    Fog on a light film of Ardrox 1900-B or apply with a pad or mop head. Scrub if necessary. Mop
    dry with clean, dry aircraft mops. For this application, Ardrox 1900-B is mixed with water, as
    required, to clean aircraft.
  • Gel-Type Aircraft Exterior Cleaner
    To clean gear wells, flaps, nacelles, thrust reversers, and to remove exhaust tracks, apply Ardrox
    1900-B as follows:
    Apply Ardrox 1900-B full strength. Diluting it with water will thin it out so that it runs off the surface
    too rapidly.
    Spray on a heavy, uniform film of Ardrox 1900-B and allow it to sit on the surface for 5 – 10
    minutes. Scrub with brushes, pads or mops, if necessary. Rinse with water.
  • Aircraft Interior Cleaner
    Mix 1 part of Ardrox 1900-B with 10 – 20 parts water. Spray on or wipe on the surface using a
    clean rag or mop head. Scrub as required. Wipe dry with a clean rag or mop head.


  • AMS 1526A Pratt & Whitney SPMC 112
  • AMS 1530 General Electric C04-210
  •  AMS 1533A Rolls-Royce Omat 1/264A
  • AMS 1550A
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • McDonald Douglas CSD No.1


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