ARDROX 3966 (25L) – Water-displacing corrosion inhibitor

Ardrox 3966 is a water-displacing product for temporary corrosion protection. Ardrox 3966 consists of a mixture of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and mineral oils. Ardrox® 3966 has extremely good spreading and penetrating properties. It also contains a volatile solvent and when this has evaporated, a very thin oil film remains which displaces water from the surface and gives temporary protection to the metal surface.





Product Description

Ardrox® 3966 may be applied by any of the conventional methods such as brushing, dipping, spraying or swabbing. Dipping tanks should be constructed with a sloping or conical bottom. During use, water will accumulate at the bottom of the tank and should be periodically run off. Immersion times do not need to exceed five minutes and usually 2-3 minutes is adequate. Agitation of work in dipping processes should be avoided as this will tend to emulsify the displaced water

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The product will not affect normal paint systems and is not corrosive to copper. It may cause some swelling of rubbers if they are continually immersed. However, if a thin film is applied, the effect will be minimal and will largely disappear as the solvent evaporates.
Mild steel is a suitable material for tank construction.


  • Airbus CML 12ABE2, I+D-N-11, TN A.007.10050& TN A.007.1013
  • CFM International


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