TAILWIND SOLUTIONS is proudly affiliated with SOFEMA AVIATION SERVICES, the № 1 destination for online regulatory compliant and vocational training courses in the aviation industry.

Given our partnership with Sofema Aviation Services, we OFFER 10% off on all courses and a FURTHER DISCOUNT for bulk booking of large groups of personnel.

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All delegates receive SofemaOnline / European Aviation Institute Certificate on completion of the Course Examination.

SofemaOnline through Tailwind Solutions Limited is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services offering online video training by qualified technical aviation instructors.

Sofema Aviation Services commenced trading in March 2008 and continue to develop their core brands: www.sassofia.com and www.sofemaonline.com

We are a service orientated company dedicated to all our customers, at Tailwind Solutions we strive to continuously deliver to the highest standards of professionalism.

We are committed to bringing the best in aviation e-learning resources to the aviation industry.

It is our focus and pleasure to share our expertise with our satisfied customers.

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How to Enroll ? – click here

List of Available Courses? – click here