ARDROX 6367 (25L) – Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner

ARDROX 6367 is a liquid concentrate which consists of an aqueous blend of biodegradable surfactant sand corrosion inhibitors. This product is intended for in situ washing of compressor sections to remove atmospheric soils as well as carbons and oils to maintain peak engine efficiency, reducing maintenance and fuel costs. It is suited for both hot-fired and cold motor-over washes.





Product Description


  • Is a concentrated, liquid and easy-to-handle product
  • Removes deposits, oils and their oxidation products in the compressor area
  • In an aqueous blend of biodegradable surfuctants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors providing protection for up to 3 days during angine standstill times
  • Does not contain any ETDA,NTA or their salts.

When Quality is Non-Negotiable, choose ARDROX!!


Chemetall Ardrox® compressor cleaner has a 7.5 to 8.5 pH level that ensures better cleaning of the surfaces without deteriorating the finish. This mild adored, liquid cleaner is light yellow in color.

Bulk density of 8.5 pounds per gallon and a relative density of 1.019


  • Suitable for cleaning gas path
  • Ideal for fired or cranked washing


  • Boeing Specification: D6-17487 Conforms
  • British Ministry of Defense Specification: DEF STAN 79-18
  • CFM International Specification: CFM56 CPM – CP5060
  • Dornier Specification: Dornier 328/328 Jet CML 11-001
  • French Ministry of Defense
  • General Electric Commercial Engines Specification: SPM 70-80-04, Ref. No. C04-140
  • GE-Walter Engines: Approval
  • International Aero Engines Specification: V2500 P&C Index 01-230C
  • MTU Specification: MTH 1024
  • Rolls-Royce Allison: 250 C20, Operation and maintenance., 72-00-00
  • Rolls-Royce Specification: CSS 260
  • Rolls-Royce Specification: OMAT1070F
  • Pratt & Whitney Specification: SPM 70-12-00, SPMC 87-10A
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Specification: PWC11-003B
  • Siemens
  • Textron Lycoming
  • Turbomeca Specification: 00800
  • Pratt & Whitney PN/Spec#: PWC11-003B


  • Fired or cranked washing


  • Ardrox 6367
  • Aqueous Based Turbine Engine Cleaner
  • Concentrate
  • 25Lt Pail


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