The automotive industry relies on NDT during manufacture to test for flaws in brakes, steering and critical engine components. Furthermore, it can be used to ascertain the structural integrity of used car parts and components which are being put back onto roadworthy vehicles.

High-performance cars have specific engine and transmission parts inspected routinely to keep the vehicle performing at its best.

For example:

1. Bonding test between the cylinder liners and the casing of motor units

2. Inspection of camshafts

a) Wall thickness measurement on cast camshafts
b) Hardness testing on the running surfaces of camshafts

3. Inspection of valves

a) Flaw detection in friction welds on valve shafts
b) Testing of overlay welds

4. Inspection of Aluminium Casting
5. Inspection of Control arms, linkages, etc. are routinely inspected to ensure safety and reliability.

Vehicle Inspection
Manifold Mountings Notch Plates Housing
Flanges Pipes Selector Pins Bushings
Shimms Washers
Engine Gears Sychros
CrankShaft CaamShaft
Valve Seats Valve Guides Brakes
Pistons Connecting Rods Calipers Master Cylinder
Rocker Arms Bore Brake Rotor Drum
Steering Safety
Knuckles Arms Satebelt Latches Airbag system
Cams Linkages Engine mounts Gas Generator
Yokes Couplers

If you don’t find your requirement above. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any other inspection you would like to be carried out.